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Our Story

  • Our collectible NFTs called “888 PIRATE CLUB” features a player-owned economy where players have complete ownership of their digital assets and can buy, sell, and trade them inside our NFT marketplace
  • The World of Treasure game will evolve around 1,000 islands, each divided in 100 lots, registered as NFTs
  • Gaming industry is a $200 billion annual business. World of Treasure is the first game connecting treasure hunting and the metaverse
  • 5,000 galleon style ships NFTs will give players the option to own unique vessels, with ONLY 8,888 PIRATE NFTs will be sold
  • 99% of the world’s shipwrecks await to been found. Off the East Coast of Florida, hundreds of ships from the treasure period exist to be found
  • During the 1500’s through 1750, well over $100 Billion in treasure was lost in shipwrecks in the Caribbean and the Florida coastal area
  • A single wreck found recently was estimated to have over $15 Billion in treasure to be recovered in the Caribbean
  • No other treasure recovery backed ICO exists
  • History and wealth lay within reach of our real!!!

Currently Hunting


1571 Santa Concepcion., 340 tons. 1,250,000 Pesos


1563, the 250 ton galleon commanded by Capt., Cristobal. At the time she carried over 50 tons of silver in bullion and specie (coins), 17O boxes of worked silver


Year 1600 Unnamed 200 ton ship commanded by a Captain Diego Rodriguez. She was carrying over 700,000 pesos in treasure, including 245 chests of valuable goods


1683 - The 700 ton galleon, "Santissima", was commanded by Admiral Manual Ortiz Arosemena. She was carrying over 1,800,000 pesos in treasure the majority of which was silver

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Roadmap Launch Timeline

Q1 2023
Q1 2023 : Incubating
  • Creation Kraken Treasure LLC and Dba World of Treasure
  • Contract Between World of Treasure and Kraken Llc Partnership  
  • Trademark Registration of Brands and Logos
  • Creation of Social Media Accounts
  • Website and White Paper
  • Marketing (Influencers, Content Creators)
  • Initial NFT Collection Sale
  • Marketing Kick-Off
Q2 2023
Q2 2023
Presentation Treasure Queens 
  • Exploration and Recovery Will Begin
  • Launch Presale for NFT Holders
  • Launch Presale - Private round
  • Launch on Uniswap
  • Launch World of Treasure, Tampa Bay Florida
  • Quarterly Financial Report AMA
Q3-Q4 2023
Q3-Q4 2023 Development
  • Marketing Strategy - Launching treasure hunts in major parks and beaches around the US, featuring the Treasure Queens
  • Launch WORLD OF TREASURE (WOT), Miami Florida
  • Launch Youtube channel reality show, featuring Treasure Queens 
  • Quarterly Financial Report AMA
  • End of Year Celebration Tampa, FL - All NFT holders invited
Q1 2024
Q1 2024

Game Beta Launch

  • Strategic Partnership - TBA
  • Game Development, Wireframes and UX
  • Quarterly Financial Report AMA
  • Merchandise Store Launch
Q2-Q4 2024
Q2-Q4 2024
  • Metaverse Development Starts 
  • Game Expansion
  • In-Game Marketing  
  • Quarterly Financial Report AMA
  • Crew End of the Year Dinner 
  • WOT Marketplace
  • Museum Alliance
  • Game Development – Final stages, testing and Wallet integration

Meet the Crew

Craig Huffman, CEO

As CEO of TSR, and co-founder of World of Treasure, Craig had the inspiration to create a game, as well as treasure salvage. That has culminated with the creation of WOT as a partnership, for creation of NFTs, the $WOT coin and ultimately the WOT Game ($200 Billion annual industry, soon to double). Craig founded the Company based on 15 years being involved in the treasure industry as counsel, for a  publicly traded treasure company, working with several other treasure companies in the industry. A graduate in history, Craig is a former Army Reserve Officer of 20 years, as an artillery officer and judge advocate, as well as former law enforcement for five years as a deputy sheriff in Central Florida. Craig is an experienced corporate and trial attorney, with over 200 jury trials, and has represented over 100 public companies doing reverse mergers, for technology, energy, media, aviation, health care and numerous other fields. Craig has his BA from Univ. of Tampa. He studied for his master’s degree in military history, and his law degree, JD, from Stetson College of Law in 1997.  He has become an expert in the treasury recovery space, founding WORLD OF TREASURE, based upon his experienced as the overlooked opportunities of other treasure companies to go where treasure exists and can be found, gaining expertise in Federal claims for sites, technologies to be incorporated, finding expert captains, expert crews and existing treasure sites.

Kane Fisher, Advisor

Kane Fisher has been involved in treasure locating and recovery since childhood, with his famous father, Mel Fisher. $500 million in the early 80’s). Over 50 years, Kane has been involved in the recovery of wrecks including the most valuable shipwreck in U.S. history the Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha, which has valued recoveries of over approximately $700 million dollars. Kane has been involved in dozens of wreck-site finds and recoveries off Florida, and involved in an estimated over $1 Billion in wreck recoveries, not just off Florida, but throughout the Caribbean. Other recoveries include the rich finds of the Santa Margarita, a sister ship of the Atocha lost in the same storm of 1622.

Tim Wilson, Sea Operations Chief

Mr. Wilson oversees all operations involving World of Treasure Vessels, crews and divers, including recent operations. Mr. Wilson has over 30 years as a captain with experience throughout the Caribbean and is a licensed Sea Captain for large vessels. Tim overseas dive boats and surveying.

Wynn Huffman, VP New Tehnologies & Diver

Has an AA degree, and multiple training in technologies related to multiple areas. Mr. Huffman has built out all GPS systems, computer systems, running magnetometer surveys, and has searched and found the equipment of all tracking systems, software, and search systems. Mr. Huffman is pursuing his engineering degree and oversees finding and doing due diligence on new technologies. Mr. Huffman also is a certified diver and participates in operations and recoveries.

Captain Grant, Contracted Treasure Finder

Captain Grant  has years of experience in the treasure diving and recovery business off the Coast of Florida. An experienced Diver and vessel operator Grant has founded his own dive company with Captain Mike, and they have worked on  known locations off the East Coast of Florida, with very large recoveries from suspected 1715 Fleet wrecks.

Captain Mike, Contracted Treasure Finder

Captain Mike, is retired from the technology field, and has decades of treasure hunting experience, as well as being a boat captain and working on the East Coast of Florida, with numerous treasure crews in the past. He founded his own treasure recovery company, working in permitted and known areas, and has made many treasure finds on a constant basis. An experience Captain, he has made his experience come to light on numerous ocassions with large treasure finds. 


Our token will be a deflationary token. On every transaction we will burn a small % in order to reduce supply over time.

132,000,000,000 total supply

20% presale round 1 Seed investors vested 9 months 5% distributed on launch 

40% presale round 2 via launchpads vested 5 months 7% distributed on launch 

10% marketing vested 2 years monthly  release

10% development  vested 2 years monthly release

5% business expenses 3 years vested monthly release 

5% exploration and recovery of treasure 2 years vested monthly release 

10% team members  vested for 24 months monthly release 


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